Belgrade is known as a place that never sleeps and that constantly keeps surprising and inspiring us. This time, an incredible wonder awaits us – Jolly Roger Gastro Pub! If you ever wondered if there was a place where you could eat extraordinary food for reasonable amount of money and enjoy the carefully selected music, whether day or night, now you have an answer – Jolly Roger Gastro Pub!

Jolly Roger is the first gastro pub not only in Belgrade, but also in Serbia. It has been with us since December 2014. It is a product of young and energetic people that put enormous amount of love in its creation. It is the mirror image of Belgrade.

Menu is quite unique. It offers variety of incredible dishes prepared in a very special way. Beside drinks and food, music is very important part of this “equation”. It is a medium that removes all barriers and creates bridges between different cultures and unites all nations and generations; it is something marvellous that moves people and creates unforgettable memories in this little, but one of a kind pirate bay!